About us

About US

Oxford International High School Islamabad

OIS is established with high aims and Goals to prepare capable, competent and life skill based learners in almost every field of life.

By the grace of Allah Almighty OIS will be the most successful school of Islam Science and Technology as its founders have the great ambition to work for the education. This institution is one of the top institutions in the capital city. It is playing a vital role in education by giving your child the best possible inspiration for the lifelong learning.

Our Vision

The development of the efficient leaders who are socially responsible, morally upright, emotionally balanced, intellectually competent, Life skill based learners and Upholder of the heritage of our great nation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide each and every student a comprehensive education in a safe nurturing and professional environment that will facilitate in developing their skills and enable them to become independent, self-sufficient and technology oriented adults.

Our Core Values



OIS stands out distinctively with its focus on morality and academics with the moral approach.



Dignity is priceless. Our moral, religious and cultural traditions are all united in their respect for the dignity of human being.



Unless we get equality in education we won’t have an equal society. OIS believes on the universal equity of all human being.



OIS believes that Great works are performed not by strength but by persistence. Success is not always about the greatness.


Quality Education

OIS is imparting education with the spirit to evolve the quality education to guide the nation in an excellent way with Islamic norms of life.



our commitment is the foundation of the great accomplishment to our mission and making concerned efforts to value and strengthen the human dignity through our system of education.


Principal’s message

Honesty, persistence, sustainability and teamwork ultimately pay off. This is the law of nature witnessed by myself. OIS is established with high goals and wide aims. We sew the seed of our mission and watered it with our devotion and dedication. Our excellent performance during the past years indicates that we are the cream of Pakistan.


Director’s Message

Education opens up a world of possibilities for the students. It inspires them to dream and instills confidence that they can be successful in everything they do. The reality is that education is a series of moments that helps to build the greater understanding, self-esteem and character.

Sport Facilities

Drawing Classes

Poems & Anthems

History & Islamic Education

Nature Awareness

Critical Thinking Skills

OIS is one of the few pioneer schools of formal education. We equip our students with the modern education along with moral, religious and spiritual education for making them skillful citizens and true Muslims. We are pleased and thankful to Allah (SWT) that he has given us this honor and dignity to serve mankind.

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