Rules & Regulation

General rules and regulations


It is compulsory for the oxfordians to wear uniform prescribed by OIS. A student without uniform is not allowed to attend.


No student is allowed to sit in exams unless he has at least 80% attendance in the class. There is fine RS 10 for each absence. In the case of student remain absent for 7 consecutive days without prior permission. Under the exceptional circumstances he /she may apply for the Leave.


All The students are directed to abide by the rules and regulation of the school. A student involved in breaking rules, misconduct, irregularity and lack of progress in studies is liable to the disciplinary action. Principal in this regard is a final authority.


The school offers special timings for the variety of the seasons.
Winter timing 8:00------- 2:00
Summer timing 7:30-------1:30

Instructor Assessments and Parent Meetings

Teachers training

The oxford international teachers training runs internationally recognized ,certificated and practical courses to develop English language teachers of future .The initial teachers training course the ‘Teaching my passion’ is all you need to get a new career started and see the world. The more experienced teachers can build the student’s skill and prepared them as the self-sufficient adults for the future.

Teaching and Assessments

OIS has a variety of teaching techniques in order to provide a learning environment that is effective, stimulating and enjoyable. The classes start in the1st week of March. There are two terms in a session.

Parent teacher meeting

Education of a child is incomplete until the parents do not get clear picture of their child’s development and their progress. OIS arranges special parents and teachers meeting on Every 3rd Saturday so that the parents can participate in the successful development of their children.