OIS Facilities


Well stocked library

A substantial collection of books are available in school library. Students are availing the opportunity to sharp their reading and increase knowledge.


Interactive Classrooms

All the classrooms are equipped with the purpose designed study furniture and necessary A.V Aids for the conductive environment.

computer lab

Computer Lab

Computer lab is equipped with several PCs placed on the user friendly desks.


Interactive Classrooms

Science labs are equipped with latest equipment is established for life skill based learning of the students.



OIS believes that the Sports are the real essence of bodily health and mental attitude. The climax of sport competition can be seen be seen on Annual sports day. Physical instructor is arranged for the fitness of students.


Extracurricular Activities

The extra-curricular activities are the great source to improve Academic performance, to explore interests, to create broader perspectives, to build higher self-esteem, to provide social opportunities, to enhance productive breaks and essential life skills.